Navigating a VUCA world and leading change needs multidisciplinary skills. SangEnnovate has deep expertise in technology management and emerging areas like Internet of Things (IoT), Block Chain, AI/ML . IoT is a new paradigm with significant disruptive potential. SangEnnovate can assist in Business and Technology road-mapping, Market entry, Application Architecture, Business IT Architecture for new initiatives. SangEnnovate can also provide a new age training and education on the evolving market needs and mentor leaders.

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1200+ Oct 2018

IoTNext 2018

Arvind Tiwary runs SangEnnovate based in Bangalore, India. He is also Chair TiE IoT Forum. Arvind has provided leadership in developing a #IoTForIndia vision. Over 600+ startups are engaged with the IoT Forum. co Chair for the premier IoTNext event. Arvind is also active as Lead for IET IoTPanel Security and WG3 in IoT4 Smart City Task Force( IOT4SCTF).

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We are in a VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain , Complex and Ambiguous) world. Uncertainty and the surprise is best illustrated by the way the economy and world has evolved. After collapse of a superpower (Russia) the sole superpower is retreating having spent trillion dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq and being seen as weak. After the collapse of US mortgage market triggering the great credit crisis it is the US Dollar which is considered a safe currency and emerging market suffer ….

However this has also changed the competitive landscape with many new entrants from not only different countries but also industries. As Marc Andreessen noted Software is eating the world economy. Billion dollar new start-ups from Silicon valley and the potential emergence of Amazon or Google as competitors in many different industries is not science fiction.

At SangEnnovate we merge multiple disciplines to help visioning and understanding and developing road-map for navigating this VUCA world. We also help you use real options approach to "invest" in projects and products. We help you consider more broader array of ideas and innovate.

Multiple Disciplines

SangEnnovate is about integrating the multiple disciplines of innovation. Wiki defines Sangha (Pali: सन्घ saṅgha; Sanskrit: संघ saṃgha;) as "association", "assembly," "company" or "community. It can also technically mean a "discipline". Innovation in modern age of rapid technological change and a economy geared to exploiting change requires multiple disciplines .


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