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The 16 Career Clusters

Click on any Career Cluster to learn about the Electives and Career Paths available to you as a student at Charles Page High School.

What is ICAP?

ICAP stands for Individual Career Academic Plan.  

Through a rigorous curriculum and a variety of career academic offerings, Sand Springs Schools works to engage students in academic and career development opportunities to help students develop career interests for post-secondary pursuits. 

ICAP is a student-driven, ongoing process that actively engages students, enabling them to: 

What are Career Clusters


What is OKCollegeStart?

Career Pathways & Career Clusters?

For this reason, some careers may be part of more than one Cluster or Pathway.  Skills and Interests determined through assessments in OK Career Guide may direct you to a Career Cluster, and you may find yourself interested in a specific Pathway in that Career Cluster.  This guide is designed to help you as you select courses and electives related to your Cluster or Pathway.  As you focus on a desired Cluster or Pathway, courses and electives are described below and on the links to each Career Cluster above.

Course Planning