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This webpage is to help Scripps Ranch HS students with access different types of tech tools that may be used in their classes.

If an answer to your question cannot be found on this site or you need to access information in a different language, click the SDUSD Tech Support for Families Webpage link.

  • It's important that students understand how to properly take care of the technology. Please review the Chromebook Care presentation provided by the SDUSD

Secondary Chromebook Care 2020-21
  • Need help with your district Chromebook or other Online Learning devices?

  • For technical support, call the Online Learning Technical Support Line at: (619) 732-1400.

  • Hours of operation are: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday.

  • Saturday Hours: 9 am - 1 pm, September 1 - October 31

  • Note: Many issues with Chromebooks can be resolved by restarting the device. Students and parents can refer to the resources provided on this page for simple steps that will resolve the majority of issues not related to damage.

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-- For Students --

Google and Other Learning Applications

Entering an authenticated Zoom meeting on a Chrombeook

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Chrome Extensions

What is a Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome in order to improve how you use Google Chrome. This can be adding new features to Chrome or modifying the existing use of the program itself to make it more convenient to use.

Installing Chrome Extensions

Helpful Extensions for Students

  • OneTab - Do you have too many tabs? Is your web browser slowing down? Then this extension will help you! OneTab consolidates multiple tabs into one easy-to-look-at list.

  • Save to Google Drive You can save the currently viewed page using the 'Save to Google Drive' browser action. You can save documents, images, and HTML5 audio and video.

  • Grammarly - Helps with grammar and spelling errors in your writing.

  • Lightshot (Screenshot Tool) - Simple and convenient screenshot tool. Select an area, edit your screenshot on the spot and print, upload it to the server or copy and paste instantly.

  • Picture-in-Picture - Picture-in-Picture {PiP} allows you to watch videos in a floating window - always on top of other windows - so you can watch a video while working on other sites or applications.

  • Tab Scissors / Tab Glue - Need to work on two tabs at the same time? Use these to split the browser window and then put it back together.

  • Print Friendly & PDF - Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage. Print Friendly removes ads, navigation and junk before you print.

  • Extensions for Students who need a little extra help - This blog (site) has several extensions students can add to their Chrome browser to help in reading website texts.

  • Break Timer - Enforce periodic breaks to prevent RSI / eye strain. Break Timer allows you to set up customizable breaks and will remind you to take them. Taking breaks whilst working or studying is crucial in preventing RSI, eye-strain and tiredness.

  • Loom Video Recorder - Make videos that are sent directly to your Drive account

  • Screencastify - Another desktop video creator (Make videos that are sent directly to your Drive account).

  • Math Tools - Super calculator with ability to graph, type or handwrite equations. Equation cropping to input equations into docs & forms.

  • Page Marker - Ever wanted to make notes or draw on any website? Now you can with Page Marker! Page Marker allows you to draw on any website in real time in the comfort of your browser.