This 2023-2024 school year Burbank is so lucky to have 7 members on our Community Schools Council. These members include Certificated staff, Classified staff and Parents.

Current Members:

Ashley Spillane, Francisco Solis, Vanessa Larro, Miriam Lobo, Viri Ramirez, Mireya Flores

 The Community Schools Council (CSC) meets once a month to analyze the Burbank Needs Assessment, ensure family and community engagement, host collaborative discussions, and review all funding requests. This council ensures fidelity in the Community Schools program, matching the Community Schools pillars to Burbank SPSA goals and Needs Assessment (NA) data. All meeting notes and current spending are transparent and can be found below. 

Meeting Agendas & Funding requests

3/6/24 SGT Meeting

 Next Meeting date: 


Burbank has reached 70.5% of parent feedback, 95 % of staff feedback, and 82% of UTK-5th grade Feedback! - We will continue to dig deeper into this data as the needs of our school evolves.

Parents Staff