I am very excited to be your child’s teacher for 4th grade! It will be an amazing year full of learning and growth, not only for the students but also for parents, families, and me. I hope to help your child foster a strong desire to work hard, be responsible, and have fun while learning. I am extremely passionate about books, reading, math, and growing as a learner every day and I cannot wait to get the school year started!

This is my 7th year teaching at Nye and 14th year as a teacher. I have taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade so I have a very good idea of what your child has already been working on, and I have taught 5th grade and middle school so I know what students need to learn and practice to prepare for their future.

I realize teaching your child is a privilege as well as a tremendous responsibility. I will do my best this year to ensure each student has a motivating and safe learning experience in the classroom. However, I cannot do this alone: I need your help. We need to be partners in the learning process. You can help your child have a successful year by:

  • Letting me know if there are any special concerns or needs regarding your child. Keep me informed if you think he/she is struggling or going through a tough time.

  • Helping your child set up a successful reading routine, aiming for 30 minutes each day. Reading may be independent or with your support.

  • Set up a routine to check your child’s school schedule and work assignments on a daily basis. Your child is expected to be ready to learn every day and complete all the work they need to do on time.

  • Talking about school in a positive manner. It may be hard, it may be a challenge, but there is no “can’t” -- we can figure out a way to make it work for every student, including your child! Be positive, be involved in this learning adventure, and be interested in what your child is doing and support them as they grow and learn.

  • Making sure your student is well rested and nourished when he or she arrives at school. The learning starts at 7:45!

School Supplies

Your child will not need a lot of supplies, everything is ready at their desks! I strongly recommend computer headphones, which will be labeled and kept at your child’s desk (no sharing!), and a mouse if your child uses one. Some students like to keep their planner and homework folder in a 3-ring binder, which is a great idea to stay neat and organized, but please do not get any binder larger than ¾” – it will not fit inside their desk. Each child can bring his/her own refillable water bottle and Independent reading books are always welcome! Your child should not bring any other school supplies. Reminder: smart phones, watches, or devices may not be on at school and cannot be in the classroom.

Please let me know if your child or their siblings need any supplies for homework such as paper, pencils, or books for independent reading.

Contact Me

  • Class Dojo is the quickest and most direct way to reach me, but you can also call the classroom @ x2908 or email me at jnauton@sandi.net . Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything you need for your child or your family. You will soon find out I am addicted to Class Dojo and will post updates, photos, and reminders several times a day!

I look forward to working with you to help your child excel in all areas of their learning experience. Academics, health and fitness, teamwork, character building, independence, and responsibility -- everything we work on here at Nye Elementary to help each child succeed and reach his or her greatest potential.

Forward to School!”

Mr. Nauton

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