Welcome to the Morse High School

Virtual Health Office

All who enter here are respected,

wanted, loved, and accepted.

Your School Nurse is: Kathy Tscherch, RN, RCSN

Zoom office hours and links: Students and parents are encouraged and welcome to come to my zoom office hours to ask medical questions or get resources.

M - F: 9 am-11 am

Click here to meet with me:


Additional Contact Information:

Email: ktscherch@sandi.net

Google Voice Phone Number: (619) 880-1184

Health technicians:

  • Mrs. Jackie Klein, HT (Available on Tuesdays/Fridays)

Email: jklein@sandi.net

  • Mrs. Mattie Espinoza, HT (Available Thursdays)

Email: mgonzalez21@sandi.net

Wellness Site Coordinator:

  • Rasheedah Rashada (Available Tuesdays/Thursdays)

*Also, Available other times as needed

Google Voice: (619) 797-6642 (call/text)

Email: rrashada@sandi.net

If nurse or health technician are unavailable during established office hours, please contact:

Cluster Coordinator: Martha Jazo-Bajet, RN

Phone: 619-501-5517 (office)

Cell: 619-400-9035 (no texting)

Optional Additional Information/Links:

1. Links to important medical forms/paperwork:

2. Immunization Information - Please send copies of records via email to Nurse / Health Techs

3. Links to District resources:

4. San Diego County Covid-19 Information: www.sandiegocounty.gov/coronavirus.html