P.E. 7


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  • Students will submit their written homework and extra credit work to Google Classroom.

  • If you are new to Google Classroom, see this link: How to Join Google Classroom

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SUPERVISORY REQUIREMENTS (Audit Pieces) - scroll down for P.E.

Student attendance credit is determined by the amount and quality of work completed by students each month. Without these work samples, students may be marked ABSENT/TRUANT for all or part of the month.

Students are required to submit their work samples (audit pieces) NO LATER than 3:00 p.m. on the last day of the academic month (a.k.a. "Turn-In Friday"). This is a FIRM deadline!

How to Prepare Your Work Samples (audit pieces)

Select one piece of work that you feel represents your best efforts from EACH of your courses.

  • The Activity Log is NOT an acceptable work sample for P.E.. Always use the content assignment as your work sample.

  • You may NOT use any form of evaluation. It cannot have the words "assessment, quiz, test, exam, evaluation, etc." written on it anywhere.

  • Do not write the word "Audit" anywhere on your work samples.

  • Provide the following information at the top of each sample:

      • Your first and last name

      • The name of the course (ex: "P.E. 7" or "Math 7" or "Spanish 1-2")

      • The academic month and year the assignment was completed, formatted as follows: "Month ___ 2020-2021"

      • An assignment title (ex: "What Do You Do to Stay Active?" or "Lesson 1.4 " or "Chapter 4 Review")

  • Place a copy of the work sample inside of your "Work Samples" subfolder for the appropriate month. (See the assignment in Google Classroom to learn how to do this).

  • Name each file as follows: "Course Name Month #". For Example, "History Month 1"

  • Turn in the link to your subfolder into Google Classroom.

MEA Work Samples Checklist

Work Samples Checklist

Use this checklist to help you when preparing your monthly work samples.


All P.E. assignments will be submitted to Google Classroom. Students will complete the following three (3) components for Physical Education each month:


  • Perform approximately 200 minutes of physical activity that meets the Physical Education standards per academic week for a total of 800 minutes per 4-week month. If you find that you were short one week, do a little more the next week. Playing an organized sport (such as soccer, softball, ice skating), taking lessons (such as gymnastics, karate, dance...) or engaging in any planned activity that increases physical endurance or strength (such as regular running or weight lifting) are examples of physical activity that meet this requirement.

  • Record your activity in the Activity Log found under Resources (below). You can also find it in Google Classroom.


  • Complete the specified P.E. content assignment listed on the cover sheet. Quality work is expected in order to earn full points.

  • Upload the completed assignment to Google Classroom

  • Place of copy of the assignment in your Work Samples (Audit) folder. The activity log will not be accepted for your audit file.


  • Students must print out either the cover sheet or activity log each month and have it signed by a parent/guardian.

  • The Activity Log is only considered valid if a parent/guardian also signs the cover sheet verifying that the physical activity did, indeed, take place. Without that signature, Part 1 is a zero (F) grade, regardless of the amount or type of physical activity shown on the log.

P.E. Resources

    1. Once open, hit File>Make a Copy to complete digitally . The spreadsheet contains formulas that will total your activity minutes for the month.

    2. Fill in your name and adjust the dates, if needed.

        • Video: How to Complete the Digital P.E. Log (For some reason, the movement of my mouse/arrow on this video does not line up with where it actually was when I was recording this. So just know that you should look a little lower than where I seem to be pointing as you are watching this).

P.E. Standards

  • Key Physical Education Standards Addressed

    • Students demonstrate knowledge of and competency in motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

    • Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies.

    • Students demonstrate knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.

  • Complete List of Grade 7 P.E. Standards and Physical Education Framework: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/pe/cf/

  • California Education Code, Section 51222 specifies the required legal minimum of 200 minutes of P.E. per week for grades 7-12. For independent study verification, student may be asked to demonstrate activities such as running, calisthenics, or other fitness performances as determined appropriate by their teacher.