P.E. 7


PHYSICAL EDUCATION (scroll down for Supervisory resources)

🔗P.E. Cover Sheet

Students will use this same Cover Sheet every month. It is the only physical piece of paper that you are required to submit to me. 

Please print this Cover Sheet out each month, add your name and the current month to the top, and HAVE A PARENT SIGN IT to verify the physical activity that you entered on your Activity Log (see the topic "P.E. Assignments" for more info about the log).  Without this parent signature, you will not receive any credit for your physical activity minutes.

🔗P.E. Assignments

Students will complete the following two (2) components for Physical Education each month:



🔗Google Classroom

Students will access and submit their monthly P.E assignments via Google Classroom.

🔗P.E. Standards

How to Complete the P.E Activity Log.mp4

SUPERVISORY PROCEDURES (scroll up for P.E. resources)

Audit Pieces/Work Samples

Copy of 23-24 Grade 7 Orientation

Orientation Slideshow

This is the Slideshow from the Grade 7 Orientation.

 This link will open it in a way that allows you to read the speaker notes for more information about the slide content.

🔗Meeting With Your Supervisory Teacher (me!)

All 7th Grade students will meet with me at least once every month. You don’t have to sign up for this meeting. Just come by my room (B-16) sometime during “Turn-In Week.”

During this meeting, we'll talk about how things are going for you, and I will want to quickly look over any work you haven’t already turned in for your classes. I’m also going to collect from you and keep one work sample from the month for each of your courses (see the next section for more details about work samples). 

Student attendance credit (ADA) is determined by the amount and quality of work you complete each month.  These work samples are representative of a month’s worth of work for ADA, so make sure to select samples that show evidence of your BEST work.  Without these work samples, you may be marked absent for all or part of the month. 

In order to remain enrolled in our program, you are required to submit your work samples to me NO LATER than 3:00 p.m. on the last day of the academic month (a.k.a. "Turn-In Friday").   This is a FIRM deadline!!!

🔗Preparing Your Work Samples

Work Samples Checklist

Use this checklist to help you prepare your monthly work samples.

MEA Work Samples Checklist 21-22