From Pollution to Progress
A Better Tomorrow Begins Today 


How do we enjoy the benefits of an industrialized society while minimizing
the environmental harm to our communities? 


Although Industrialization has improved American Society through technological and medical advancements, and improvements in transportation, it has also had a negative impact on the environment through the creation of factories, use of fossil fuels, and by creating a disposable society. Climate change and the environment is one of the pivotal issues facing humanity. Students will learn about ways in which the Industrial Revolution improved American society as well as the negative impact it created on our local communities such as: -water pollution, air pollution, energy inefficiency, and waste. 

The community can confront these issues by limiting their behaviors that contribute to pollution. Adults who work in these industries can incorporate the data collected and implement the action plans to help make positive changes in these arenas. The Health Science and Medical technology theme is incorporated  through the data collection of water samples, air pollution data, waste collection data,  energy usage data, and the analysis of case studies of local communities

Students will focus on pollution in one of the four areas: - air, water, land, or energy. They will work with an industry expert in their area of focus to collect data, create a digital presentation, write letters to legislators, produce an action plan to help mitigate the problem, and share their work with students, staff, and the community with the goal of encouraging others to change their behaviors.