Community Schools 

Lafayette Elementary School

 We at Lafayette are excited to announce that we are now a SDUSD Community School! 

What is a Community School?

Community Schools are public schools that provide services and support that fit each neighborhood’s needs, created and run by the people who know our children best—all working together. 

What is a Community School?


This is SDUSD's 2nd year of implementation of the Community Schools Program. Lafayette is overjoyed to be apart of this movement, and will continue to work for whats best for our student and family success.


What we do

Goal: Hear from all community members (stakeholders) to better understand the needs, wants, and assets of the community as a whole. 

Purpose: Identify the most important areas of growth/need in the community in order to form working groups of interested stakeholders who can engage in direct action as well as the allocation of resources to address the prioritized need. 

Process: Engage in a series of focus groups as well as surveys and one-on-one coversations to ensure multiple data-points are garnered from all stakeholders (students, parents, staff/teachers, and community partners) regarding their chief concerns for the community as well as highlight actions that they may be willing to take within the community schools work.

 Why community schools?