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Welcome to your den, Lions!

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Hi Lion Scholars!

I'm Jonas, and I want to personally welcome you to school! We know you are doing your personal best each and every day!

Use this page to find your College's Page, links to your virtual classroom (Zoom rooms, Canvas, PowerSchool), and more! 

Please also remember to practice good character! I've added a button below for you to review the 7 HABITS+1 and another button for you to access the Daily Pledge. Make yourself proud!

Love your friend,

Jonas the Lion

Pre, UTK, Kinder Colleges

Support Classes

Jennifer KosmosSpeech-Language Pathologist
Cyndie BlankenshipEducation Specialist
Laurie ChaudryEducation Specialist
Claire AdamsOccupational Specialist
Ashley CrowellSpeech-Language Pathologist
Maria GonzalezELPAC testing
Matthew SpasoffEducation Specialist
Matt SpasoffEducation Specialist
Brandon CahoonAdaptive PE Teacher