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Production Contract 2023

Contract for the show

Please return the contract by Tuesday 12/5 at rehearsal.

Please have as many conflicts as you know on the contract.

Cast List:

Eric- Logan Babbey/Lena Geisler

Tommy- Claire Valdez/ Candice Taylor

Amanda- Kaylee McKeown/ Addison Zinn

Bruce - Pedro Montes / Abigail Krause

Lavender - Layla Pike / Lilia Feliciano

Alice - Ali Dieujuste / Natalia Stone

Hortensia - Jaylen Matias / Erica Giannettino

Nigel - Ethan Wolfskill / Raylen Decesare

Matilda - Trinity Mello / Emily Robbins

Mr. Wormwood - Owen Plapp 

Mrs. Wormwood - Alexis Mast  / Naya Boyd

Michael - Ryan Barlow 

Mrs. Phelps - GiGi Goring / Stella Lawson

Escapologist - Riley Jacobs / Pedro Montes

Acrobat - Teagan McKeown / Madison Delgado

Miss Honey - Sarah Yohannes / Clara Levacy

Agatha Trunchbull - Morgan Parker / Kelly Bliesener

Rudolpho - Caroline Zinn / Anni Robbins

Sergei - Gianna Stratman / Hayley Lane

Little Honey- Elizabeth Gray/ Mariam Kazina

Cook- Emily Belmontes

See below for a specific Cast breakdown.


Mia Chavez

Claire Valdez

Emily Belmontes

Cara Dieujuste

Mariam Kazina

Gabriella Schlett

Elizabeth Gray

Madison Delgado

Show Dates/Times:

Cast 1: Invited Dress Wednesday, March 13th at 5pm

Cast A: Invited Dress Thursday, March 14th, 5:30 pm

Cast 1: Friday, March 15th, 6pm

Saturday, March 16th, 1 pm (Cast 1) & 5 pm (Cast A)

Cast A: Sunday, March 17th, 1 pm

Cast 1:

Eric- Logan Babbey

Tommy-Claire Valdez

Amanda- Kaylee McKeown

Bruce -Abigail Krause

Lavender - Layla Pike

Alice - Natalia Stone

Hortensia - Jaylen Matias 

Nigel - Raylen Decesare

Matilda -Emily Robbins

Mr. Wormwood - Owen Plapp

Mrs. Wormwood - Naya Boyd

Michael - Ryan Barlow

Mrs. Phelps - GiGi Goring 

Escapologist - Pedro Montes

Acrobat - Teagan McKeown 

Miss Honey - Sarah Yohannes 

Agatha Trunchbull - Kelly Bliesener

Rudolpho - Anni Robbins 

Sergei - Gianna Stratman 

Emily Belmontes - ensemble, student, Cook, Russian

Elizabeth Gray - ensemble, student, Young Honey, Russian

Student Ensemble- 

Mia Chavez

Cara Dieujuste

Mariam Kazina

Lena Geisler

Candice Taylor

Addison Zinn

Lilia Felicano

Ali Dieujuste

Erica Giannettino

Ethan Wolfskill

Trinity Mello

Alexis Mast

Stella Lawson

Riley Jacobs

Madison Delgado

Clara Levacy

Morgan Parker

Caroline Zinn

Haley Lane

Cast A: 

Eric- Lena Geisler

Tommy-Candice Taylor 

Amanda-Addison Zinn 

Bruce - Pedro Montes 

Lavender - Lilia Feliciano

Alice - Ali Dieusustie 

Hortensia - Erica Giannettino 

Nigel - Ethan Wolfskill 

Matilda - Trinity Mello 

Mr. Wormwood - Owen Plapp

Mrs. Wormwood - Alexis Mast 

Michael - Ryan Barlow

Mrs. Phelps - Stella Lawson

Escapologist - Riley Jacobs 

Acrobat - Madison Delgado 

Miss Honey -Clara Levacy

Agatha Trunchbull - Morgan Parker 

Rudolpho - Caroline Zinn 

Sergei - Hayley Lane 

Emily Belmontes - ensemble, student, Cook, Russian

Mariam Kazina - ensemble, student, Young Honey

Student Ensemble-

Elizabeth Gray 

Cara Dieujuste

Mia Chavez 

Logan Babbey

Claire Valdez

Kaylee McKeown

Abigal Krause

Layla Pike

Natalia Stone

Jaylen Matias

Raylen Decesare

Emily Robbins

Naya Boyd

GiGi Goring

Teagan McKeown

Sarah Yohannes

Kelly Bliesener

Anni Robbins

Gianna Stratman

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Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Levacy for your time and dedication to the show and kids.

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