De Portola

Musical Theatre

First rehearsal: Tuesday, Nov. 29th in room 803, from 3:50 pm to 5 pm.

You will get your script and other information. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

Cast List:

Tevye (TEV-yuh): Pedro Montes

Golde (GOAL-duh): Amelie Cherner

Tzeitel (SCI-tul): Sofia Dickman

Hodel (HUH-dul): Abigail Krause

Chava (HAH-vuh): Clara Levacy

Sphrintze (SHPRINTZ-uh): Mariam Kaziha

Bielke (Bee-ELL-kuh): Katherine Camp

Yente (YENT-uh): Morgan Parker

Motel (MUH-tul): Ethan Wolfskill

Perchik (PUR-chick): Will Vosburgh

Lazar Wolf (LAY-zar Wulf): Owen Plapp

Mordcha (mord-HAH)/ Man 1: Leia Palafox

Rabbi/Woman 3: Realynn Connick

Mendel (MEN-Dul)/ Woman 1: Savannah Nelson

Avram (ahv-RAHM)/ Man 2: Lydia Marvin

Constable: Trinity Mello

Fyedka (fee-YED-kuh): Emma Bartkowski

Sasha/Man 3: Lillian Dumitrache

Yussel (YO-sol)/Priest: Winter McBride

Fiddler: Jason Langley/ Avery Yurisic

Soldier/Villager: Grace White

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