Special Ed. Department

"We educate, empower, and encourage all students to have a growth mindset in order for our students to grow and experience success."

Staff Contact Information
Steve Blakely- sblakely@sandi.net
Madeline DiFabio- mdifabio@sandi.net 
Jared Schlossberg- jschlossberg@sandi.net
Courtney Smith- csmith@sandi.net
Natalie Santiago- gsantiago@sandi.net
Related Services
Danielle  Angeloni (MUSIC)- dangeloni@sandi.net
Megan Daoedsjah (SLP)- mdaoedsjah@sandi.net
Nellie Howes (OT)-  nhowes@sandi.net 
Tessa Gonzalez (APE)- tgonzalez2@sandi.net
Ryan Mailly (MHRS)- rmailly@sandi.net
Richard McKinney (PSYCH)- rmckinney@sandi.net
Raina Valencia (PT)- rwilson@sandi.net