Marta Thiele | Library Staff
-- Qtr 4 distribution ---- the week after Spring Break --note the time change as class times were changed Friday April 9 11 - 3 pm If you do not have a device that you are able to bring to school you may ask for a district laptop in the drive thru. There is no need to email me. Families - please pickup materials before Monday as students will only be able to pick up items AFTER class time during scheduled pickup hours by way of standing in a distanced line outside the library. when using the formal drive thru:+ share last name and grade of the student you are collecting for on approach to the assisting staff member...

All in a vehicle are recommended to wear a mask.

thanks for understanding! Mrs. Thiele

Gr 5 students - pickup Envision Vol.2 workbook / Math or pickup Science notebook / Mr. Alpert

- all other students are set for now

Gr 6 students - pickup Earth Science / Ms. Gallen,

pickup or WAIT spiral notebook will also be available in class / Mr. Aros

- all other students are set for now

This is also an opportunity to return all borrowed items from a past Elem site, library books or textbooks previously borrowed that are not needed for upcoming classes.

questions? please email

NON distribution days information :

  • If you need to contact the library for a pickup on non distribution days, we recommending an email be sent. Please remember campus is still "closed" and an appointment needs to be made prior to coming on campus.

  • Note: If you are reading this and did not include student info in your initial email, after you receive an auto reply, send a reply within that same trail to include: student last name, first name and ID and a contact number as it is helpful in retrieving accurate information regarding your child. Our library staff check Stacks, Destiny and PowerSchool for accuracy prior to making arrangements for pick up of items.

Dana website

PLEASE READ WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS for updated school information

Laptop and Online Support

Technology Parent Hotline - (619) 732-1400Call this line first, IT might be able to resolve your issue by phone. If not they will direct you to a location for an exchange.
Wifi Hotline Assistance - (619) 260-2460, option 1


login with your student ID and password

our Home page displays:

short cuts to our JuniorLibraryGuild subscription,

research tools, eBook links, typing, vocabulary skills , etc

note: MyInfo tab will display items you currently have borrowed from a school , either ours or an Elementary site.


APRIL 5 -9 12:30 - 4pm

ENTER campus via the parking lot on Narragansett Ave, drive across the playground to the cone pathway

DO NOT use the driveway down Chatsworth Ave - this pathway is used on NON drive thru days