Marta Thiele | Library Staff
April 13 - library closed
STUDENTS returning to campus: please be prepared with your clear pass paper in hand, mask, and all items in your backpack (including charged laptop and charger and planner) ready to be self contained within your classes.
  • IF you need to pick up items from the library there will be no drive thru at this time. You will be walking to pick up items on your designated days to be on campus.
Either Mon/Tues or Wed/Thurs.
AFTER dismissal : exit the building towards the playground side. Follow around the pathway between the MPR and library ... join the distanced blue dot line towards the library and safely wait for your turn. Please do not congregate and remember to maintain distance from others. Join your ride or walk home immediately after your library visit.
After school: (until 3pm) (when the library is open) return all borrowed items from a past Elem site and any library book(s) or textbooks no longer needed. Books from an Elem site will be checked in and returned to that site via school mail.
April 14,15 - library open
April 16 - no students on campus library open for pickup between 10-12 and 1-3

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login with your student ID and password

our Home page displays:

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note: MyInfo tab will display items you currently have borrowed from a school , either ours or an Elementary site.

ENTER campus via the parking lot on Narragansett Ave, WALK across the playground. Follow the distanced blue dot pathway to the library. Please respect distancing while you are waiting your turn. Share student ID and Last name with the library staff.

from this point on... DO NOT use the driveway down Chatsworth Ave... this pathway is no longer to be used.