2023 -2024 Return textbooks and library books the week of May 28-31

From the library: 


Friday, May 31


  •      Students will keep laptop and charger over the summer.
remember your laptop is a loaned item from school to complete classwork and homework assignments, please no downloads, no personalization, no gaming , please keep it in your backpack during lunch time, remember to walk with your laptop closed if you are carrying it between classes or walking with it, review the Chromebook care presentation  

                               Library Hours 

before school: 7:50 am to return items, pick up a book 

If you placed a hold: when a book is ready for pickup you will receive an email via your @stu.sandi.net account + your ELA teacher 

within the school day: ask for a pass, then bring pass and planner or your ID card from picture day 

open during lunch: (after lunch courtyard dismissal 😉)

library closed 11:45 - 12:15

after dismissal: until 3pm M,T,W,F / 12:55pm  1/2day (Th) 

(please make prior arrangements with your ride or communicate  with a family member if you intend to stop by the library after  school) 


What have I borrowed from the library? What should I return ?  ( return all textbooks and library books from previous years )       please login to Destiny to see what you have checked out :

                               📖  Destiny  📖 

              enter this URL:  destiny.sandi.net       

                            or click any Destiny logo or word within this webpage 

              select:  Middle Schools , then  Dana Middle School

                                        login with your student ID and password 

                                                     click on the My Info tab                                              

note:  when you are logged in the MyInfo tab will display items you currently have borrowed from a school , either ours or an Elementary site. 

Please return any items borrowed from your Elementary school. 

       How do I know what is happening at school? 

Dana School website  

PLEASE READ WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS for updated school information

                                                                 to receive eBlasts :  

           make sure parent/guardian email is correct in PowerSchool

                  Current textbooks and workbooks: 

    gr 6:  Ancient Civ'                                         Desmos Math ( vol 1, 2 and 3 ) keep     gr 5:  Reflections                 Science Resources (in class) / return if you have one         enVisionMath Vol 1(2023), Vol 2 (2024)  keep 

GR 6 textbooks 2023-2024

return: June 2024

past students: please return if you find one at home 

Amplify Desmos 

Volumes:  1, 2, 3 

keep this 

GR 5 textbooks 2023 -2024

return: June 2024

past students: please return if you find one at home 

Science  (rotation) 

A or B week  - (check your schedule)

RETURN if you find one at home 

Volume 1 and 2 

keep this