Marta Thiele | Library Staff Dana Library 2021-2022
current announcements:All students will receive required textbooks once school is in session. All students go directly to class. Remember to bring your fully charged laptop and (charger just in case) to school EVERY DAY.
Returning items to the library will occur with a pass during a class, at student lunch time or on your own after school (coordinate with your pickup/ride so they know where you are).
---What we need from you---- Grade 6 :
  • Please bring your district laptop (N22,N23,11e, 300e RY20) to school with the charger to exchange out for a 300e RY22 and charger.
  • We are in need of Reflections and Science Resources for gr 5 students!!! Bring these back to the library. You may ask for a pass or return these items during your lunch time or on your own after school.
  • Students will receive Ancient Civilizations at the time of the laptop return and Big Ideas Math during a class visit to the library.

Grade 5 :
  • Please bring the laptop and charger you were using in gr 4 to campus for classes. Remember to fully charge them each night.
  • Students will receive Reflections ( see gr 6 above) and Science Resources during a class visit with your Science teacher.

What do I have checked out?:If you need to review what items are checked out to you: please login to Destiny:

πŸ“– Destiny πŸ“– enter this URL:

select: Dana Middle School

login with your student ID and password

click on the My Info tab

How do I know what is happening at school?

Dana School website

PLEASE READ WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS for updated school information
What should I do when I have finished my assignments?

Online activities :

click on Classroom connection shortcuts displayed on our HomePage:

JuniorLibraryGuild - subscription

(you may email Mrs. Thiele for our ID and password for Dana families)

research tools, eBook links, typing, vocabulary skills , etc

note: when you are logged in the MyInfo tab will display items you currently have borrowed from a school , either ours or an Elementary site.

How do I check out a book from the library?

2021 - 2022

Checking out a library book

Library books will be requested online.

πŸ“– Destiny πŸ“–

enter this URL:

select: Dana Middle School

login with your student ID and password

Use Catalog (defaults to the Basic tab) or Destiny Discover (select Collections ) and place a Hold on a book. It will display that it is "Ready" in your login. Please allow time for the library staff to pull the book and check it out to you. When it is ready for pickup

Mrs. Thiele will send you an email via your student ID email.

If you are moving and are no longer going to be attending Dana please email the library to make arrangements for a dropoff of the laptop, textbooks and library books.

Parents ... if you are returning items to the library on behalf of your child - please park in the lot near the ball field and walk across the blacktop around the passageway between the MPR and the library...follow the blue dots to the library door.