Marta Thiele | Library Staff mthiele@Dana Library closed for the Summer
If you are not attending summer school please store your laptop and charger in a safe place over the summer. All issues with your laptop can be resolved when you return to school in the fall. If you are attending summer school and need assistance with your laptop please ask a teacher or library staff member at the site you are attending. Students moving on to gr7 will take their laptop to their current library for checkin/checkout to update Destiny. Any exchange or issues with a laptop can be resolved at your new school in the fall.

Incoming students to Dana: Gr 5 will continue to use the laptop they had at Elem and will bring it to the library to checkin/out. This removes the previous site and updates Destiny. Gr6 students will return current laptop AND charger for an updated device. Student will need to bring the charger to complete the exchange.

What do I have checked out ; What should I return? please login to Destiny:

📖 Destiny 📖 enter this URL:

select: Dana Middle School

login with your student ID and password

click on the My Info tab

note: when you are logged in the MyInfo tab will display items you currently have borrowed from a school , either ours or an Elementary site.

IN THE FALL 2022-2023



If you have moved on to Correia, please return textbooks and library books to the library at Correia:

Ancient Civ' Big Ideas Math or Big Ideas Math Adv 1 Reflections - if still in your record in DestinyScience Resources - if still in your record in Destiny

How do I know what is happening at school?

Dana School website

PLEASE READ WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS for updated school information