Correia Counseling 

Contact your Counselor:    Jessica Moreno (Last Names A-L)

   Estella Acosta (Last Names M-Z)

Welcome to the Correia Student Services Program!

Correia is fortunate to have two full-time counselors to support the social, emotional and academic well-being of all Correia 7th and 8th graders. The counselors will make necessary schedule changes, help plan your child's school program, provide academic and personal guidance, small group support, as well as many other areas of assistance. Students and/or parents may request appointments with the counselor. There are forms in each classroom, and in the Counseling Office. Parents may call the office for an appointment.


The mission of the Correia Student Services Program is to provide resources and support to each 7th and 8th grade student. Students are encouraged to achieve to their highest potential through academic success, career exploration opportunities, and social and emotional growth.


As a department we will provide a data-driven program that includes individual, group, and classroom programming to promote student success.