We plant...Plants!

You don't need a green thumb to garden, and you definitely don't need to call a garbage hauler to recycle. We are just regular students at Challenger Middle School, but we care about the environment and decided to come together and create our own little fantastical world. With hard work, we have established a fabulous garden, a fantastic recycling center, and a club where every student is welcome and can feel invited. 

Challenger Middle school Eco squad, a picture of our amazing CMS Eco squad, and our many students!

What We Do

Here at Challenger's Eco-Squad we are students who love to garden and love being kind to our earth. We formed our own school garden to grow a variety of veggies, fruits, succulents, herbs, and take care of all the recycling, as well as composting at our school for a more eco-friendly Challenger.

Recycling Squad

We have an amazing recycling team run by Mr. Talsky, and recently won 1st place in the district Recycling Challenge! The students participating at the Eco Squad club crush cans, plastic bottles, and throw away anything in the recycling bins that doesn't belong there. In order to easily organize our recyclables and help contribute to a cleaner campus at Challenger Middle school.  Proceeds from recycling are put back into the club for garden supplies.

Challenger middle school eco squad

We offer produce during special sales occurring on most Tuesdays in front of our school. You can find out more about our produce, prices, and more at Produce Sales.

Where To Get Our Produce