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Here you can find the dates of all spirit days, a place to upload spirit day photos, and so much more. You can find that in the top left corner, or click on one of the links. I hope you find what you need on the ASB website!

Giving Thanks &

spreading kindness

Marvelous Monday- write a card to your neighbor

Terrific Tuesday- Make someone smile

Whimsical Wednesday-do a chore without being asked

Thankful Thursday-say something your thankful for at dinner.

Fun Friday-help someone in need

Pajama Day!

On December 9th, wear your pajamas, and zoom in a fort! At lunch time we will be having a zoom where we will be making cookies and drawing reindeers.

Tell your friends

Tell your friends to come on over to the ASB Website so they can join in the fun! That way they can participate in Spirit Day Zooms and post photos by going to the link on the photos page. Help guide them here by telling them to go to the Dana Homepage, clicking For Students, and selecting ASB Homepage. Click the link and then you're here.

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