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Welcome Grant Grizzlies!

Bienvenidos Osos Pardos!

We're so glad you're here! This is the class page for all guidance activities during CDL:

Lunch Hangouts

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Afternoon Check-Ins

Brain Breaks

Estamos tan contentos tenerles aqui! Este es el domicilio donde puedes encontrar todas las actividades para guianza durante CDL:

Grupos de Almuerzo

Lecciones de Guianza

Citas con Mrs.Ali, Mrs.Lucy y Mr.V

Videos para descanso

About Us

My name is Mrs.Ali and I am the behavior cadre at Grant. I love helping students make the most out of being at school and learn how to work through their emotions and self regulate. In my free time I love to read, visit the Oregon Coast, and play board games with my kids.

My name is Ms. Lucy and I am the School Counselor at Grant. I love helping students and empowering them to became the best they can be through guidance lessons and small groups. My role as a counselor has truly being rewarding and I am excited to continue to encourage all my students to strive to achieve their goals!

My name is Mr. V and I am a behavior specialist at Grant. I want to help student’s understand the importance of education and unlock their full potential as they grow. Some hobbies I enjoy are playing sport, hanging out with friends, and eating good food.