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Welcome to the New Google Sites

Google Sites can allow you to organize your classes for your students' access anywhere they have internet access, even on their phones.

The front page would present class resources...

Objectives: Participants will...

  • Assess and establish a purpose for your classroom website.
  • Determine the layout design for their website.
  • Construct a new Google Site that will benefit their class and students by creating a place that students can receive additional help, feedback, and lessons.
  • Produce a text box, images, and dividers to design the pages.
  • Select media to enhance their instruction (documents, folders, videos, links).
  • Organize pages and subpages.
  • Publish their site and create shorten url to allow easy assess for students.

Access a doc by either a link or actual window...

Wednesday ~ Agenda & Presentation


New Google Sites Agenda (PS)

Google Presentation

New Google Sites

Get Going With New Google Sites