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Students can drop in or ask for help during office hours online 1:45 - 3:29

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Welcome to coding and robotics exploratory class. In coding, you will learn a basic programming language, called JavaScript, that is similar to programs you will find in video games as well as your smartphone. In robotics, you will investigate and explore different robots that are doing amazing things in the world around us. You will also plan and build different objects and small robots. This class will emphasize how to think about and use the engineering design process as opposed to learning facts. We will use what we learn to solve problems and discover how the world around us works and build solutions to problems.


We are beginning what will be a very memorable school year. I am equally excited and nervous about all the changes we will be facing this year, even though I have been teaching for over 20 years. You may be feeling nervous or even dreading the idea of more distance learning. I want you to know that whatever your feelings are, I am here to help.

This is my 24th year as an educator in this district. I started teaching at Harden as a math teacher and I became involved with technology over the past 10 years. I am fortunate to be able to teach this unique coding and robotics class in the middle school. We work with various tools and robotic parts, so I value safety and respect of property. I have high expectations and will challenge you, but I will also provide support to those who “don’t get it… yet”.

I also value parental communication and I will send weekly summary messages home from Google Classroom (if you accept the invite) about the work for the week. Everything will be posted in Google Classroom, so make sure you read all announcements and complete all assignments there. On a page below you will see the pacing for the class. As you already know, you are only taking 3 classes at a time. Even though I feel comfortable with technology, I will probably make mistakes as we learn together during distant learning. I am sure we all will do our best.

I will see you online.

Mr. Scavo

Coding/Robotics Class Syllabus 2020-21