Welcome to the SUHSD Distance Learning Portal

The SUHSD will continue to offer the best possible learning experiences for all students during the COVID-19 school closures. This website will serve as a place where students, parents, teachers, and staff can find and share learning and teaching resources (e.g. curriculum, tools, and strategies) that support the district’s distance learning initiative.

District Updates

Graduation Updates:

In response to the District's shift to distance learning, the SUHSD Board of Trustees has waived certain graduation requirements for the Class of 2020, including:

  • Completion of the District's Community Services Requirement

  • Students must possess a cumulative high school Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0;

  • Each student must maintain at least 85% attendance of the days enrolled each year of high school. Students enrolled in Mount Toro High School and El Puente High School must maintain 85% attendance from the initial enrollment in the alternative education school. El Puente percentage of attendance will be based on the amount of work completed for credit.


Testing Updates:

All mandated SUHSD testing has been suspended for 2019-20 :

State Testing Update:

  • Suspending all CAASPP testing

  • Suspending Summative ELPAC testing

  • Placing the Initial ELPAC on hold until students return to school

  • Placing the Physical Fitness Test on hold until students return to school

  • Canceling the California High School Proficiency Examination test administration for the weekend of March 21st. All March test takers have been reregistered for June or provided information on how to request a refund. Additional locations and space within current locations will be increased to accommodate this change

  • Placing high school equivalency testing on hold until testing centers are reopened

AP Testing Update. 2020 AP Exams will be

  • 45 minutes long

  • Free response only

  • Open book/open note

  • Learn more about each AP course's exam: http://spr.ly/60181FEbO.