Unleash Confirmation

Calendar & Overview 2023-24

September 7 -- Parent & Teen Meeting (required) -- 7-8:15pm (Handouts)

before September 7 -- Registration and payment is DUE

October 1 -- IgNight | Unleash the Gospel -- 5-6:30pm

November 5 -- IgNight | Unleash Holiness -- 5-6:30pm

December 3 -- IgNight | Unleash Mercy -- 5-6:30pm (Confirmation Name is DUE)

January 7 -- IgNight | Unleash Love -- 5-6:30pm

March 3 -- IgNight | Unleash Witness -- 5-6:30pm

April 14 (updated 9/5/23) -- Confirmation Rehearsal -- 5-6:30pm

April 28 -- Confirmation Mass -- 3:00pm


Confirmation Registration

Sacramental Materials Fee of $100 Credit/Debit/ACH

Enrollment in a Catholic Grade School or Parish School of Religion

Baptismal Certificate

If we don't have it from Saint Raphael School or PSR

Sponsor Certificate

If they are not a Saint Raphael Parishioner - this is a standard form or letter from the Sponsor's Parish


IgNights - 5 Sundays / year

Retreat at St. Leonard Retreat Center in Avon

Service Hours -or- Apostolate

Choosing a Confirmation Name and Sponsor


Visit this website often for the most up-to-date information.  We will be using our Saint Raphael Parish Flocknote to text and email updates and reminders.  Please keep your Flocknote current!

Add us to your contact list: zjester@saintraphaelparish.com, jgill@saintraphaelparish.com

Why Unleash?

We're calling our Confirmation Program "Unleash" because, well, that is what we want to do! We want to take the time of Confirmation Preparation and make it less about learning facts and more about the lived experience of faith. Taking our cue from Unleash the Gospel - a pastoral letter from the Archbishop of Detroit - we desire to let the Holy Spirit work freely in our lives to transform us to be the Church not just of the future but of right now. In every age, God raises up saints with the gifts, talents, and passions to turn the world on its head. How many of them are among us, needing our support and encouragement to be the best version of themselves? Let us work and pray together to Unleash the Holy Spirit in the lives of our young people!