Week 10: 7 - 9 April

Wednesday 7 - Whole school lineup for Easter Liturgy in TWP6 space at 8.55

Year 7 & 8 Technology today.

Thursday 8 - PwC for Finanical Literacy with TWP4

Friday 9 -

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Weekly Notices

It is week 9 of term 1 - 29 March to 2 April

This is week is Holy Week. Holy Week is most definitely a very sacred time of the year, for it is now that we will commemorate and remember the last week of Jesus' life on this earth.

The greatest focus of the week is the Passion (suffering) and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events that led up to it.

Holy Thursday - We commemorate the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist.

Good Friday - We remember Jesus when he died on the cross for our sins.

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil Celebration.

Daily Notices


TWP Timetable Term 1 2021