Reading Text - Building Resilience

Week 10 - 11

Choose a Text for your reading. We focus on Building Resilience in ourselves.

When you complete these text we will discuss what you have learnt about resilience.

Make sure your read your article from the kiwi kids News on Commonwealth. Choose 2 articles about the Commonwealth and complete the comprehension questions.

Week 7 & 8: Reading Focus:

To develop our understanding of text we read by using Bloom's Taxonomy Higher Order Thinking Skills level of questioning.

To notice vocabulary that are unfamiliar to us and work out the meaning in context.

Read one article from National News, Sport News, World News.

There are 3 activities, choose which activity you want to do for what article.


Choose 1 story from the list and read.

Make sure you understand the reading expectation.

Date your work in your reading doc.

Highlight new vocabulary and work out the meaning in context.

Watch for your reading time with the teacher.