3 Year Old Program

St Patrick Pre-Kinderergarten

At Saint Patrick School, our Prekindergarten children are learning in an environment designed to meet the overall needs of preschoolers and facilitate their development through age-appropriate experiences. We recognize the individuality of each child and are grateful for your child to learn, and grow with us in academics, and with a foundation of Catholic faith and values. We strive to help your child in many ways each day:

Emotional Goals Displays a sense of security Exhibits self-confidence Has a positive attitude Shows a desire to learn Is willing to try something new

Behavioral Goals Listens attentively Follows directions Focuses on task at hand Is not disruptive Exhibits self-control Uses toys and materials appropriately

Self-Help Goals Puts on coat without assistance Puts on shoes without assistance Takes care of own toileting needs Cleans up after self at snack, lunch Tries to solve problems independently Participates in classroom clean-up

Social Goals Plays cooperatively Helps others Interacts positively with peers Interacts positively with adults Resolves conflicts peacefully Exhibits good manners; courteous

Language Goals Speaks clearly Has age-appropriate vocabulary Uses personal pronouns correctly Expresses needs and ideas verbally Recites jingles and rhymes Tells event or story in sequence Follows 3-step verbal directions

Physical Goals (Large Muscle Is well coordinated Displays good balance Exhibits skill on playground equipment (climber, swing, slide, etc.) Builds with blocks Throws/catches ball

Physical Goals (Small Muscle) Pours milk/juice into cup Holds pencil correctly Can cut with scissors Can manipulate fasteners Unties a bow and/or loose knot Draws a recognizable person Writes own name

Cognitive Goals Demonstrates knowledge of colors Demonstrates knowledge of shapes Demonstrates knowledge of numbers Demonstrates knowledge of letters Can work a 10-piece puzzle Recognizes own name (written) Knows "left" and "right" Displays competence on computers

Personal Information Goals Knows full name Knows age Knows birthday Knows telephone number Knows street address Knows first and last name(s) of parent(s)