6th Class Portfolios

Let's see what Engineers do?

Electrical Circuits Lesson 3

  1. Can you give an example of how electricity is found naturally?

Electricity can be found naturally in lightning, static electricity and bio-electricity.

  1. What is current electricity?

Current electricity is the flow of electricity through an object.

  1. Mains electricity is one type of electrical current. Can you name another type?

Another type of electricity is called ‘battery electricity’.

  1. Can you name a non-renewable method of generating electricity?

Non-renewable methods of generating electricity include using fossil fuels and natural gas.

  1. An electrical circuit can be complete or__________?


  1. Every complete circuit must have what?

Every complete circuit must have a power supply, for the circuit to be complete, there must be wires connected to both the positive and negative ends of the power supply.

Music: Creating a Rap!

As the children prepare to say farewell to their time in St. Mark's S.N.S., this week they were given the assignment of writing a rap to remember their time in school.

Sara Jane L.

Ella Farrell

Annabelle K.

P.E.: This week we started a P.E. challenge across the five 6th classes.. which class can complete the most exercises over the next few weeks (including teachers!!) Time to get our workout gear on!

The boys and girls have also been kept busy with their Super Trooper activity journals and Joe Wicks P.E. workouts every day...

Art: A sneak peak at some amazing art work 6th class have been getting up to at home

Hedwig by Anika T.M.

Biome by Sherine E.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers by Eleanor

More fabulous flowers by Victoria

Night sky by Patrycja

A very cute owl by Anlia

Another creative owl by Salma

English: Book Reviews

Here are some samples of book reviews 6th class have submitted over the past number of weeks... Keep up the great reading guys!

Dylan Hanlon

Alex Murray

Richard McKeever

Anika Teresa Mathew

SESE History: The Titanic

The boys and girls having been learning all about the Titanic this week. Take a look at some comic strips, art pieces and Google Slide presentations that have been created by some wonderful 6th class children!

Noa C.

Noa C.

Sara Jane L.

Aimee N. McK.

Anika T.M.

Have a look at this video to learn more facts about the Titanic!

English Grammar: Suffixes

6th class have been examining suffixes over the past few weeks and have been busy completing exercises where they've to think of lots of examples of suffixes!

Alex Murray

Anika Mathew

Sean Gleeson

S.E.S.E. Geography : Global Warming

This week we have been learning all about global warming and what we can do to make a positive difference to the world!

6th class created comic strips telling us all about global warming and what we can do to help our planet!

Alex Murray

Victoria K.

Aimee Noonan McKeever

Seán G.

To learn more on Global Warming and Climate Change have a look at the following website and the video below!

Art/Music: Making Musical Instruments

6th class were given the task below of designing and making a musical instrument last week. Have a look at some of the final products!

Shane Moore testing out his instrument!

Leah Byrne has made a tin whistle from a carrot!

Star Holland's very impressive guitar and shaker!

Ella Farrell has created a very colourful, funky guitar!

S.E.S.E.: Inventors and Inventions

This week 6th class are working hard on projects researching inventors and their work!


Become an inventor and try the 'Little Inventors Daily Challenge' by clicking the link below!

Check out some of our superb projects below!

Gareth Long

Raunak D.


Aimee Noonan McKeever

Noa Casalerio

SPHE: Kind Mind Phrases!

As part of our Weaving Well-Being programme, 6th class spent this week creating "kind-mind" selfies and posters!

Anika Mathew

Katie O'Toole

Maths: Length

Our brains are being worked hard this week learning all about length in maths!


Can you think of any more words that are not on the list?

Gaeilge: An Aimsir

Táimid ag foghlaim faoin aimsir an seachtain seo!

Katie O'Toole

Star Holland

Anika Mathew

English: Creative Writing

Our imaginations are about to go into overdrive.. 6th class are busy working on creative writing this week! This is the story starter to get the boy's and girl's creativity flowing!

Here's a small taster of some of our work!

Sophie Parsons

Creative Writing Jake Keeley

Jake Keeley

Richard Mc. Keever

Aimee Noonan McKeever

Sarah-Jane Laffan

Art: City Skylines

6th class worked on creating city skylines using newspaper this week. Check out the link below for lots of extra facts and information on cities and their skylines!

Rebecca Harding

Anlia Joshy

Julia Wisniewska

Eleanor M.W.


Art: Daffodil Drawings

6th class pupils have said farewell to the season of spring by working on beautiful daffodil drawings. Grab a pencil and paper and give it a go! Check out some of their fabulous work below!

Anika M.

Victoria K.

Patrycja T.

Luke O' C.

Lauren C.

Cillian B.

"Think Outside the Box Thursday"

Get your imaginations working! 6th class certainly had their imaginations working well today.. check out some of our work!

Nezie O.

Anika T. M.

Ella F.

Katie O'T.


Some brilliant acrostic poems written as part of our Weaving Well-Being programme!

Lauren C.

Ella F.

Amritha R.

History: Myths and Legends

Last week we worked really hard at researching and retelling a story based on myths and legends... have a look at some of the lovely work that was done by 6th class

Sean P.

Larisa K.

Maryam Z.

Sarah L.T.

Patrycja T.

Raunak D.

Joyce P.

Aimee N. M.

Katie S.

Anika T. M.

Noa C.

Sarah-Jane L.

Some very interesting debates taking place in Mr. O'Connor's Google Classroom!

Art: Drawing Clowns with different Features

We have been drawing clowns for our Art Assignments during the week. We hope you like looking at some of our work. Every clown has a personality and when you are drawing them you can put in different features. Different clowns had names and were known from their face paintings.

Anlia J.

Larisa K.

Patrick F.

Sean D.

Victoria K.

Anika M.

Leah B.

Noa C.

Luke O' C.

Cian P.

Tiernan H.

Science: Our Parachute Experiments

Children have designed and made some very impressive parachutes! Tiernan has even included some step by step snaps of the process!

We have been looking at the history of parachutes, have a look at our next link

We have included a further investigation link for you to have a look at and see the possibilities that now are possible in flight from this simple experiment.

Julia W.

Religion: Prayer Writing

The boys and girls have written some very thoughtful prayers to keep those caring for the sick and elderly in our thoughts and prayers

Rebecca H.

Cillian B.

Evan T.

Anika M.

Richard M.

Science/Geography: Biomes

The children spent the first few week of home-learning working on biomes. Have a look below at some spectacular work samples that have been shared!

A biome is a large region of Earth that has a certain climate and certain types of living things. Major biomes include tundra, forests, grasslands, and deserts. The plants and animals of each biome have traits that help them to survive in their particular biome.

Check out this link for some further learning about biomes:

Emma L.

Katie S.

Dylan H.

Sean G.

Sean D.

Larisa K.

Cillian B.

Geography: Countries Projects

One of our first projects for home-learning was researching a country of choice.. check out our great research below!

Sherine E.

Alex M.

Aimee N. M.

Anika T.M.

Katie S.

Lauren M.

Richard M.

Oskar J.

Conor F.

Brazilian Tribes Project

Please visit you link opposite and below to find out more about Brazilian tribes

See what you can find out obout their lives by clicking on the link below

This is the picture 'Stary Night' by Vincent Van Gough. He was a very famous artist. In the link below the picture you will be taken to find out more about his great works.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv8TANh8djI When you have finished, pick your favourite Van Gough picture and write a little account about what you see in your chosen drawing. If you would like to draw a picture see if you can create the wonderful swirls that he was famous for in his drawings.

The Famine in Ireland

The Great Irish Famine or An Gorta Mór was one of the most catastrophic events in Irish history. During the famine, approximately one million people died and a million more emigrated. Before the famine, Ireland's population was estimated to be 8.1 million and afterwards, it was estimated to be 6 million people. Ireland's population fell by nearly 25%.

Visit Scoilnet to find out more about the Famine in Ireland

Click on your links below to discover what it was like to live during the famine in Ireland

World Book Day

This week in 6th Class we have been celebrating World Book Day. The children have been writing character profiles for their favourite book characters and rewriting some classic fairytales but with a twist!

The children also completed a World Book Day Top 3s Challenge. On the left you can see Jake Brennan's from Ms. Duggan's class.

A sketch of Alice in Wonderland.

By Janicole Abaya

Little Red Riding Hood with a twist.

By Adam Dunne

Character Profile.

By Adrian Negru