Saint Brigid Tech

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Technology is in our daily lives. Here at Saint Brigid School we believe balance is essential. Our classrooms have SmartBoards, Document Cameras, access to iPads and Chromebooks to add value and enhance lessons. Our students are learning to think more critically and collaboratively. We encourage our students to be lifelong learners, make good decisions and use the technology wisely to enhance their learning.

In the computer lab, students will enhance their technology and thinking skills. They will work individually, and collaboratively. Students at Saint Brigid School are active learners who are determined to do their best.

I am excited to be going into the classrooms to teach technology class, and work with our teachers to enhance technology in the classroom.


Ms. Porter

Video for Student's leaving Saint Brigid School to transfer your school files to your personal Gmail Account. If you are below the age 13, please check with your parents for your personal gmail account and permission.

We Are:

Happy, healthy individuals who care for ourselves and others.

We do this when we go to bed at a decent hour so we have 9-10 hours of sleep each night and when we communicate positively to classmates and our teachers.

Empowered, confident thinkers who are open-minded and diligent.

We do this when we show what we know through our academic language in our presentations, for example when we use, Seesaw, Padlet, Keynote, and many other Apps and sites.

Active Christians who act like Jesus.

We do this when we treat each other with mutual respect, we do not exclude or write negatively about our classmates.

Responsible stewards who contribute to our greater community.

We do this when we blog or share our work with others, for educational purpose using educational language.

Technologically ethical citizens who communicate effectively.

We use technology responsibly when we are at school or away from school.

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