St. Agnes School STEM Class

STEM classes take place once a week for Pre-K 4's through 8th Grade. Mrs. Filpi teaches each student how to use technology as a tool to be more productive and how to learn technology without just being told what to do and how to do it.

Mrs. Filpi also incorporates engineering, math, religion, art, and science into the curriculum. She works with classroom teachers to tie STEM activities with topics the students are learning in their classes. The projects the students work on in class help them to develop 21st century skills that will be useful in their future.

Thanks to our school families for contributing toward our STEM fund to help purchase many of the tools we use every day!

A look at some of the activities that take place in our makerspace:

2nd graders designed and built satellites and used green screen technology to take these pictures.

Kindergartners program Dash the robot to move in the shape of a square

6th Graders used unstructured time to create a structure using Qbits.

6th graders created an interactive circuit board 'operation-style' game for Pre-K to play.

7th graders learned about pyramids and how they were built.

Then they tested the pyramid to see if it would hold their weight.