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Persuasive News Article

Persuasive Mini-Lesson

Persuasive Mini-lesson

research mini-lesson

This site will help you to properly set up your source cards for the works


MLA Style General Guidelines

This site will take you through the essential steps of the research paper.

You can also create your outline online!

Research paper guide

How to determine theme.

To Kill a Mockingbird Links

TKAM Reading A

TKAM ch 1-8


TKAM Writing/Picture Prompt (end of novel)

Tkam 1-8

TKAM chapter 11

This is a chapter by chapter vocabulary and allusion help.

TKAM vocabulary help

TKAM ch. 1 - 2.

TKAM chapter 9-10


TKAM Webquest

TKAM Webquest 2


tkam 9-16

chapter 17-23

Discovery - Africa research

Poe's life/times

Poe's Works - Cask of Amontillado

Acrostic for Tell Tale Heart

Interactive timline - Poe

Interactive Char. Type/Point of View Activities

Anne Frank wallwisher post Reading A

Anne Frank Link

Diary of Anne Frank - Web links

Anne Frank 3D house

Anne Frank Act I Quiz

word clouds

Anne Frank Wallwisher post Reading C

Diary of Anne Frank - End of play

The Gift of the Magi

Contender (1-4) Reading A

Contender (1-4) Reading B

The Contender - Vocabulary Test

Contender (1-4) Reading C

Contender 5 - 8 Reading

Contender 5 - 8 Reading B

Contender 5 - 8 Reading C

Contender Chapter 9-13 Reading A

Contender Chapter 9-13 Reading B

Contender Chapter 9 - 13

Contender Chapter 14 - End

On line outline maker

Compare & Contrast

poetry lessons

PBS poetry

Poetry lessons

The diamante

The acrostic

Adverb practice

Grammar Ninja Review Game

Direct Object Practice

PN/PA/DO/IO Review Game

English Grammar Final

Noun quiz

Fragments and Run ons

Grammar review games

s. clauses


Complement quiz



Commonly Confused Words

Scholastic Book Review Workshop


Retrieved Reformation

TKAM reading calendar

Writing Prompt

Figurative Language PPS

ABCya word clouds

Charlie Brown Character Launch

C. Brown Peanuts Wiki

Pictures - Then and Now




Figurative language check up

Appositive practice

Career Essay research

Career scavenger hunt

Son of citation machine


Grammar Final

Grammar final 2

TKAM chapter 12-13

TKAM 9-23

Unwind Part 4

Part 6 & 7


TKAM Final