Humanizing Online STEM Showcase

Jacqueline Novak, DNP, RN, CCRN

Saddleback College

This site provides examples of instructional resources created in the Humanizing Online STEM Academy, a professional development program funded by the California Education Learning Lab and administered by the Foothill DeAnza Community College District.


Where I was.

I didn't realize what I didn't know. I always say to my students you don't know what you don't know; and this couldn't be more applicable to me. I had no idea the plethora of resources available to myself and my students. There is a small feeling of discouragement knowing my class could have benefited from the resources I didn't know existed. However, I take this as a great lesson and look forward to implementing the new resources to make my course more humanized.

Where I am.

Upon completion of this course I have learned many new skills that will benefit not only my students and my course, but our program and college as a whole. I can now teach my colleague the resources I have learned and encourage them to implement them into their courses to optimize humanization of their courses. I had only used Adobe PDF and never knew there were resources beyond that, and now I can make videos! I have also found a connection to topics we have learned that I see immense value in. I've gained a deeper understanding of the importance in kindness clues and preventing social isolation by means of inclusion. It's also incredibly important to implement warm and wise feedback as we never know what our students are going through. 

Where I am going.

Now that I am equipped with robust skills to humanize my course I am motivated to implement these changes. Not only is it important to connect with and engage my students, but to also help me feel more ownership to my course. I feel very passionate about what I teach and value the importance of the content I am teaching. It only makes sense to show that passion in my course, and have the students feel my love for what I teach, even in an asynchronous online format.

Liquid Syllabus

This is a screenshot of the Humanizing Sandbox for Jacqueline Novak for N160. The photo says Welcome to N160 Pharmacology with a picture of 3 bottles of medications

Course Card


Getting to Know You Survey

Ice Breaker 

Beta Blocker Intro

This bumper video delves into the topic of beta blockers. This category of medication is one that all nurses commonly administer, and must have a good command of. Understanding the basic components of how to administer this drug are imperative- providing a short video to explain this will help students to understand the most important points, and feel safe when administering beta blockers in the future.


This microlecture covers the topic of pressure injuries, a topic essential to the foundation of nursing practice. Learning how to stage pressur injuries is a fundamental skill all nurses need to encompass. Byt the end of this microlecture, the student will be able to effectively describe how to stage pressure injuries. This microlecture will provide students with the basic skill of staging stage 1-4 pressure injuries, as well as a suspected deep tissue injury and unstageable pressure injury. This will also instill confidence in the student to be able to successfully master this skill.

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