About Me: I am a proud native of Philadelphia, PA, and a very happy transplant to southern Maine. I studied Biology and French as an undergraduate at James Madison University in Virginia. I earned a PhD in environmental microbiology from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. I subsequently ran a laboratory for an environmental remediation company. After moving to Maine, I received my Montessori certification and taught English, math, science, and social studies to first, second, and third graders for five years in a mixed age Montessori classroom. I then earned my teaching certification from the University of Southern Maine ETEP program. I like reading, photography, yoga, learning about cool science stuff, and getting outside with my husband and sons.

Welcome to Team Bradbury! I'm Mrs. Ashe and I'll be your science teacher this year. In sixth grade science, you will learn how to think like a scientist, how to create and use models, and how to write scientific arguments supported by evidence and reasoning. We will focus on Earth and space science to explore the solar system, the geologic history of our planet, why Earth looks like it does now, how it is continually changing, and the impact of humans on our environment.

Topics covered this year:

  • Intro to science practices
  • Space: solar system, scaling, and Earth/moon/sun system
  • History of Earth
  • Plate tectonics
  • Rock cycle
  • Natural Disasters
  • Human population and impact on Earth systems

Click on the 'Daily Agenda' link HERE to see what we're working on!

Other Important Links:

Earth Science Textbook pdf

Finished your classwork early? Here are some options for you!

Option 1: Check out the most recent Science World Magazine and write a 25 word summary on an article. Or, try summarizing in a Tweet (140 characters) or two. Click HERE to access your Scholastic Science World online resources. password: smsscience17

Option 2: Watch a TED Talk and write a summary! Why did you choose this particular talk? What is the take-away message?

Option 3: Practice your Science Vocabulary with this Quizlet!

Option 4: Go to, choose a science-related article to read and take the quiz!

Option 5: Complete a scientist profile sheet

Option 6: Are you curious about something related to science and the world around you? Do a mini-research investigation. Here are some ideas to explore: space, conservation of endangered species, not sure? Browse some science-related articles and get inspired here or here or here. Then, show what you learned. Write a short paragraph, compose a poem, draw an info-graphic or comic strip.

Option 7: Sketch a design and build it using the Makers Space supplies.