Law enforcement agencies recover hundreds of bikes a year but have very little information to connect the bikes to the owners. By registering your bike, you'll help the community and law enforcement know the bike belongs to you if it is found.

A bike registration lets you record the important data that helps identify your bike. You’ll need this information if your bike is ever stolen and once recovered, to show proof that it is your bike.

  • If you need to make a police report, all of the necessary information is captured.

  • If you need to file an insurance claim, all of that info is captured too.

  • Automatic stolen bike Instagram posts and optional paid Facebook alert ads.

  • If you are going to sell your bike, you can easily create a transfer of information complete with a bill of sale.

Bike Index can be used worldwide by authorities, organizations, and individual users alike.

Read about how Bike Index identified and broke up a stolen bicycle ring in Mexico.

The two most important theft prevention measures: use a good lock and register your bike. Click here for more security tips.



Unlock the Bike Index stolen bike recovery platform by registering your stolen bike on Bike Index now. Start using our recovery tools to recruit help from all over the world.

A Bike Index account lets you:

  1. Unlock the comprehensive stolen bike recovery platform

  2. Unleash the power of your volunteer community

  3. Create social media friendly stolen bike alerts

  4. Register your bike as stolen in police and pawn industry databases

  5. Have the best chance of recovering your stolen bike

With tools like the promoted alerts on Facebook and the tweeting of stolen bikes to the thousands of followers, Bike Index amplifies your stolen bike listing.

Our optional tamper proof QR code decals increase your chances of getting your bike back and acts as a visual deterrent to bike thieves. A quick scan by law enforcement will identify the bikes true owner.

Optional tamper proof QR code decal

Register your bike and get a QR code decal at any of SABA's Bike Valet or one of our Registration Drive events. Click here for dates and locations


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