Global Perspectives is about making a positive change

in our communities and in the world.

Leaders shape the world around us every day; they create opportunity, innovate the ordinary, unite people, and empower others to find and raise their voices. People are rarely born with leadership skills. Rather, they are a result of years of service, training, reflection and application. At Stelly’s, our leadership programs aim to develop leaders in our diverse school community. We provide training in styles, organization, and other key elements that give leaders a foundation from which to work. Our students go on to act as leaders in their chosen fields of study and work, their communities, and in global organizations. We envision a school community full of young adults who know the value of their voice and know how to raise it in aid and support of others; it is through our community of leaders that our Stelly’s school life thrives!

Global Perspectives is a two-year program at Stelly's Secondary School which focuses on making positive changes in the world. The Grade 11 year focuses on improving our local community and the Grade 12 year focuses on making an improvement in a developing country. It culminates with an 18-day trip to a developing country to physically implement the improvements.

Grade 11

Global Perspectives 11 students focus on understanding challenges in the Brentwood Bay and Greater Victoria community. Students study homelessness, drug addiction, mental health, gender inequality, environmental degradation, and immigration. Students regularly volunteer their time at "Our Place Society" in Victoria, where Stelly's has had a weekly dinner shift since 2005. Students also assist the Global Perspectives 12 class with the Global Gala Fundraiser and complete a “Local Community Action Project”.

Grade 12

Global Perspectives 12 requires students to take on a major project in a developing country, or a major independent study of their choice, in order to gain their “Global Perspective.” Most requirements for this course are based on the evaluation of their major project or independent study and their group fundraising effort in the Global Gala. (Past classes have undertaken spring break projects in Haiti, Cuba, Belize, Peru, Nepal, Fiji, India, and Tanzania). See the Events section for past projects.

Mankhu, Nepal - Documentary


Mankhu, Nepal - Student Reflections