Loyal Winborn

I am Loyal Winborn, the IT Director here at South Hamilton. I am also a member of the Administrative Team, and teach here as well. I have been here six years now. I enjoy the staff, the students, and the environment here at South Hamilton. I feel it is a great place for my children, and I am proud that they attend school here. It is a privilege to be part of the many changes and upgrades as we continue to renovate and update our buildings, and systems.

In six years we have made exponential growth in our network and infrastructure. We have a 10GBPS fiber backbone, new IP Office Phones, New Camera Systems, Electronic security doors, complete renovation and transformation in student computers and online teaching content, and much more.

Teamwork Duties

IT Director

Administrative Team Member

Teacher (Career & Tech)

Professional Development Team Member

Sound & Lights (Concerts, Plays, & Musicals)

Football Press Box Technology (Sound & Clocks)

Basketball Live Stream

Many other fun duties!