South Hamilton Life Sciences

Welcome back to what will be another awesome and exciting year at South Hamilton! This website, along with my Google Classrooms, will be where information, assignments, and documents will be posted for each of my classes.

If you need to contact me, feel free to call me at school at:

  • Phone: 515-827-5418
  • Email:

The following grading policy applies to all of the listed courses.


Your semester grade is calculated based on the following formula; 0.45 X your quarter 1 percent + 0.45 X your quarter 2 percent + 0.10 X your final exam percent. It is the semester grade that goes on your transcript and counts toward graduation requirements.


Your quarter grade will be based on daily work, quiz scores, projects and test scores. Your daily work and quiz scores count toward 50% of your grade, while project scores and test scores count toward the other 50% of your grade. Extra credit assignments will not be given.


You will have a test at the end of each chapter, and the test scores will carry the majority of the points in determining your quarter grade. If you should happen to fail a test, you can retake it provided you have completed all daily assignments in the chapter covered by the test and you have completed any additional review material assigned by me prior to your retake (retakes are not allowed on semester exams). The maximum score you can earn on a retake is 60%. If you fail a test and want an opportunity for a retake, talk to me at the end of class on the day tests are returned and gone over in class. It is expected that students finish an exam during the time period it is administered. If a student submits an unfinished exam, it will be graded as is. Students who submit a partially completed exam can not return to the classroom at a later time to finish it.


Your daily work grade is based on homework completion checks, any in class labs or activities, as well as longer conceptual assignments, so it is important to always have your work completed. On simple homework completion checks, incomplete or late work will earn 60% at best. Homework completion checks are graded as followed below:

5 - Assignment completed.

4 - ~80% of work done.

3 - ~60% of work done.

2 - less than 50% done.

1 - barely started.

0 - nothing done.

If you are struggling on daily work or perform poorly on an assessment, feel free to see me during seminar, before school, after school to get extra help or additional explanation.

My goal is to help you be successful and learn as much as you can. Please see me for extra help if you need it!