Techpreneur, speaker, and ‘top product guy.’

Founder/CEO of Guhemba Ltd

Founder ‘Rwanda Build Program.

"I feel so lucky to be here in Africa at this time in history. To witness and be part of the African tech revolution... I want to push Kigali to become the premier tech city for quality software development in Africa." 

- Rob Rickard on stage kicking off the 2017 RWBuild Launch Event.


Rob Rickard is a US 'Techpreneur' (tech-entrepreneur) residing in Kigali, Rwanda. He has been a sought-after public speaker on technology, communication, and productivity. In addition, Rob is actively mentoring tech startups and collaborating with other tech leaders in Kigali when he is not spending time with his wonderful wife.

Currently, Rob is focused on the future of the Cashless Society as Founder and Interim CEO of Guhemba Ltd. Guhemba is a cashless payment solution designed for the culture of Rwanda and greater Africa. This massive payment service is designed to truly help Rwanda/Africa reach its goal of becoming a cashless society.

For over two decades (before he ended up in Africa), Rob was an independent businessman, speaker, and tech-consultant as a communication & productivity expert. He has been introduced as a tech thought leader, knowledge worker, and influencer as he expanded the connectivity and way many organizations communicated throughout the US upper Midwest. He has built dozens of proprietary communication/productivity solutions for SME, NGO, and Education markets. 

Rob Rickard is the founder of the Rwanda Build Program (RWBuild), a Tech Hub & Lab, including a rooftop care and event space (Rooftop Ikawa Cafe) for testing our software products (like our payment solution, Guhemba). As a software startup incubator/accelerator, we have had some success with other products.

Rob Rickard, with his partners and RWBuild, has raised over 5 million US in funding for projects in Kigali, including Guhemba Ltd., a prestigious and first-of-its-kind mHealth NIH grant + a second NIHR grant for an ambulance/dispatch solution (912Rwanda) with the Rwanda Ministry of Health.