Stay Connected!

Students are at the center of everything we do at Rocky View Schools. Even though we may not be physically in the same building, we can still remain connected! Remember to check your email for weekly information from your teacher(s).

Home Learning Tips & Supports

Maintain a routine – Wake up at the same time each day, get ‘ready’ for school and eat a healthy breakfast, before settling into your home learning space.

Create a dedicated workspace – Carve out a separate space for learning. If possible, this space should be away from any distractions (TV, playroom, etc.) and have a door. If this is not possible, creating an effective workspace is still critical, even if it’s in the bedroom, living room, dining room etc. Clear out any clutter and make the space usable.

Create separate workspaces – When there are multiple people working and learning from home, it’s even more important to create separate workspaces where possible. For example, have one person work on the lower level, while the other person works on the upper level. In single-level homes, create as much distance between you and other people as possible. Get creative!

Implement tech-free time – While the use of technology, especially now, will be important to learning, access to social media and gaming should be kept to a minimum.

Stay connected – Frequent check-ins with teachers and fellow peers will help you maintain a connection and sense of community.

Manage emotional wellness – At-home learning may be a reality for some time, so managing your emotional wellness is key. Take regular lunch breaks and daily study breaks, just like you would if you were at school. Get plenty of fresh air.

Stay active – While social distancing is essential, creating opportunities to stay active at home is equally important. For example, set up a space in the basement where you can do workouts, jump rope or practice yoga.

Maintain a realistic work schedule – Make sure to have a clock nearby, so you can manage your time effectively. Don’t overwork yourself!

Be kind to yourself – Life and distractions will happen. Do the best that you can and above all, be kind to yourself during this very challenging time. Reach out to your teachers if you’re feeling overwhelmed and require some additional support

Ask for help – Learn to ask questions! Teachers will be available via e-mail and other online platforms to students and parents.

Internet Safety

Interland is a free, web-based game that makes learning the ways of the web a fun, engaging and hands-on experience. Kids are invited to play their way to Internet Awesome and become fearless explorers of the online world in a quest to deny hackers, sink phishers, one-up cyberbullies and outsmart oversharers.

This website has digital and media literacy programs and resources for Canadian homes, schools and communities. Through our work we support adults with information and tools so they can help children and teens develop the critical thinking skills they need for interacting with the media they love.

Need Support?

Remember that your teachers are available to help you while you are learning from home. Reach out to them in the preferred method that was outlined in your weekly learning plan. Email works too!