Child Development Advisors

Langdon School

WELCOME! Langdon School has two Child Development Advisors (CDA). Margaret Schrauwen supports students in grades Kindergarten to grade 6 and Nikki Smart supports in grades 7-9. The CDA offers a planned and balanced approach to student development. Planned activities focus on developing social and emotional skills in students, with the goal of enhancing both social interactions and academic performances.

Ms. Schrauwen - Grades Kindergarten to Grade 6

Mrs. Smart - Grades 7 to 9


The Child Development Advisor promotes and advocates for the development of the whole child.


The Child Development Advisor is a collaborative resource to children, staff, parents, and community to support and enhance the healthy development of social, emotional, behavioural, and mental health competencies.

The CDA consults with staff, students, parents and when necessary, with outside agencies. This ensures that the needs of all learners are being met.

Services and Topics

The C.D.A position has an emphasis on the social/emotional wellness of students from grades Kindergarten to grade nine and offers a variety of small group sessions, in-class workshops, individual coaching, post-discipline action plans, and crisis relief.

Areas of support:

• Anger management

• Bully proofing

• Classroom survival skills

• Conflict resolution and anger management

• Coping with changes in the family

• Dealing with loss and grief

• Family support and referrals

• Increasing self-esteem

• Leadership

• Peer issues and choices

• Anxiety and depression

• Preventative programming for kids at risk

• Relationship building

• Resiliency/character building

• Social skills

Referral Process and Accessing the CDA:

Students can be referred to the C.D.A in 4 ways:

• Self Referral

• Parent Referral

• Teacher Referral

• Administator/CDA referral