RVIS Literacy Week 2021

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Reading log

A list of books read with time spent reading.

our reading log

Reading Wishlist

Create a list of titles you have always wanted to read

Dress Up Days

  • April 18: RVIS is wild about reading: wear Animal or Aminal print accessories
  • April 19: Reading rocks!: wear crazy socks
  • April 20: We are bright readers: Wear neon accessories
  • April 21: Celebrating our literary heroes: dress as your favorite characters

Book review

Write, film, or record yourself reviewing a book you have read

Genre challenge

Try reading a genre you have not read before, and post a picture of the book

Classroom read aloud

Read to your classmates and take a picture or film a video of the reading

Teacher recommendations

Try a book recommended by a teacher

Let's Guess!

Guess How many books we have at the LC


Acting out a scene from a book

Bedtime Storytime

Post a selfie of your bedtime reading routine

Shelfie selfie

Take a selfie with your book shelf


Line up your face or body to a book cover to complete the cover picture

Book Recommendation

Recommend a book to be purchased for the LC

Fictional postcard

Design a postcard to or from your favorite character

Design a book cover

Redesign the cover of your favorite book

Book Mark

Design a book mark

Family read-a-loud

Read to your family or pets and post a video or picture of it

Virtual Book Fair

Get 20% off your purchases if you buy them on Literacy week!


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Virtual Book Fair

Get 15% off your purchases if you buy them on Literacy week!


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Virtual Book Fair

Get 10% off your purchases if you buy them on Literacy week!


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