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Capital Region Adult Education is the Virginia Department of Adult Education funded provider for adult learning in the Richmond, Virginia metro area. We offer online and in-person GED classes for GED preparation, English as a Second Language, Career Skills, Computer skills, and much more. 

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119 W. Leigh St, Richmond, VA, 23230

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The READ Center 

5211 West Broad St, Suite 102, Richmond VA, 23230

(804) 288-9930 

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Highland Springs Campus

201 E. Nine Mile Rd, Highland Springs, VA 23075

(804) 328-4095

Regency Campus (Regency Mall)

1420 N. Parham Rd, Henrico, VA 23229


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2999 River Road West, Goochland, VA 23063 

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New Kent and Charles City 

Adult Education services in New Kent and Charles City are currently only online. Click here  to get started  or call 804-780-6039