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Chromebook Care

Chromebook Issues & Repair



Each Chromebook comes with a limited factory warranty. It covers the cost of repair for manufacturer defects. Please note that damages due to accidents or abuse can incur repair costs up to the cost of the device. Lost or stolen Chromebooks must be replaced and will incur a charge totaling the replacement cost. The District does not provide insurance coverage on the Chromebook. 

One of the suggested options that families may want to consider is third-party insurance which usually covers breakage, theft, or loss. Rutherford Public Schools does not offer an insurance policy, and purchasing insurance is optional. 

However, parents can contact their insurance company and/or other third-party insurers to inquire about the policies they offer. There are cost-effective insurance companies that work with many school districts and have plans specifically for Chromebooks. 

One such company is Worth Ave Group 

If you are interested in purchasing insurance through Worth Ave Group, the Rutherford portal is open each year from September 1 - September 30. Rutherford Public Schools does not receive payments or incentives for recommending any insurer which is a third-party company separate from Rutherford Public Schools. 

** Please note the following: Chromebook damages caused by abuse or neglect are the responsibility of the student and subject to the cost of repair or replacement of the device. In the event of theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts, the student/parent/guardian MUST file a report with the local police department and submit a copy to the school. The fee for a lost Chromebook will be the full replacement cost of the device. A replacement device will not be issued until documentation is complete and fees are paid in full. 



Digital literacy is the ability to share, communicate, create, and learn through various digital technologies. Students can find, evaluate, and use information to create their own content. Common Sense Media offers a wide array of resources for helping students maintain digital literacy while working in school and at home.  

Internet Safety teaches students to participate safely in various online forums, and know how to maintain a secure online presence. 

Rutherford School District Online and Cyber Safety Resources

Digital Citizenship Week Activities October 17 - 21

Don’t Fall for the Phish is recommended for grades 3 - 8 and covers Digital/Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Species Spy is recommended for Grades 2 - 6 and focuses on Media Literacy and Think Before You Post topics

Fairy Tales Social Network is recommended for grades 2 - 8 and focuses on Digital Literacy in the Social Media area