Department of


Year of Establishment : 1958

The Department of Psychology, established in June 1958, is one of the oldest and has rightly been recognized to be one of the best undergraduate departments of Psychology in University of Mumbai. The faculty members who ably nurtured the Department in its initial years were Dr. T. R. Kulkarni, Mr. K. M. Phadke, and Dr. P. K. Muttagi. Dr. Thomas A. D'Souza, a renowned psychologist, was the Head of the Department from 1960 till his retirement in 1980. In his 20-year stint, Dr. D'Souza made a significant contribution to the educational and vocational life of the students. Dr. Anagha Barve took over as the Head of the Department in 1981 and continued for 6 years till she migrated to Washington DC. Dr. Nandini Diwan, an alumna of the College, worked as the Head of the Department from 1987 to 2017. Her major contribution was to give stability to the department by bringing in structure and instilling the values of discipline and hard work. Her emphasis on ethical practices not only helped the students to create a strong foundation in professional sphere, but also in their day to day life.

The quality profile of the department was maintained through the contributions of Ms. Sabita Dawra (Babani), teacher at Junior College, from 1977 to 2003, and Mr. D. R. Pawar, Laboratory attendant from 1971 to 2010. Ms. Sabita, made an impact through her excellent teaching, and endearing, enthusiastic personality, inspiring many students to specialize in Psychology at Graduation. Mr. D.R. Pawar was well - known for his sincerity, sense of commitment, dedication, discipline, and hard work. Along with all these teachers, the department received excellent support from many other teachers, who in spite of their short service tenure, upheld the standards established by the department.

Throughout its existence, the department has always attracted highly motivated, talented sincere and hard-working students. Many of our alumni are today luminous stars in various spheres like Counselling and Psychotherapy, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Human Resource Management, Mass Media, Social Work, Education of Exceptional Children, Teaching and Research in Mumbai, different parts of India and in many countries of the world.