The University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship in partnership with ECSB presents

Conducting Experiments in Entrepreneurship Research

Second Paper Development Workshop
for Early-Career Scholars

March 9, 10 & 11, 2021 - Online Workshop


Experimental designs provide a powerful lens to determine causality and have been labeled “the most rigorous of all research designs”. However, relatively few entrepreneurship studies use an experimental design. Recently, several calls have been made for more experimental studies in entrepreneurship research.

In this paper development workshop (PDW), we aim to support scholars who are working on experiments as a methodology in entrepreneurship research.

Although studies using experimental designs are a great way to establish causal relations, designing, conducting, and analyzing experiments is not an easy undertaking. To support early career scholars in this endeavor, the University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship (UGCE) organizes a paper development workshop in partnership with the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB). In this workshop, we aim to support and bring together early career scholars who are working with experimental designs in entrepreneurship research.


The workshop consists of two main activities:

  • Paper presentations, discussions and lively interactions with peers and experts (in breakout rooms);

  • Plenary keynote sessions, where experts will address challenges in designing and conducting research using experimental designs.

With this workshop you will:

  • Receive individualized feedback from peers and experts on your working paper;

  • Increase your knowledge of conducting experiments, focusing on best practices and mistakes to avoid;

  • Develop your network with other scholars conducting research using similar methodological approaches as yourself.

Several experts in the field of entrepreneurship will be present at the workshop and will closely work with participants on their working papers.


The workshop is targeted at PhD candidates, Post-Docs, and early-stage Assistant Professors/Junior Researchers working on studies in entrepreneurship research using experimental designs. The submissions can be co-authored (with senior scholars), but the leading author and potential participant of the workshop should be an early-career researcher. Working papers will be selected based on both the theoretical contribution to the field and the rigor of the implementation of experimental methods.

Limited spots are available. With a small group setting, all participants will have the opportunity to present their work and receive both peer and expert feedback on their working papers.


Prospective authors aiming at submitting their manuscripts to the Special Issue "Experimental Designs to Address Current Challenges in Entrepreneurship Education Research" in the journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy are very welcome to participate in the workshop to receive preliminary feedback on their work from the guest editors of the special issue in dedicated sessions. When submitting your paper to the workshop, simply tick the box indicating your work is a prospective submission to the special issue.

See the full call for paper for the special issue here.

Online Workshop

This event will be online. Details about the platform for connecting will be provided after registration.

Keynote Speakers & Workshop Facilitators

Learn more about our workshop facilitators on the Speakers' Page

Dr. Basil Englis

Keynote Speaker & Workshop facilitator

Dr. Denis Grégoire

Keynote Speaker & Workshop facilitator

Dr. Magdalena Cholakova

Keynote Speaker & Workshop facilitator

Dr. Paula Danskin Englis

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Yuval Engel

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Susana C. Santos

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Antje Schmitt

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Mark Schenkel

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Silke Tegtmeier

Workshop facilitator

Dr. Dominika Wach

Workshop facilitator