Student of the Month!

Character Trait for February: INCLUSIVITY:

-keep promises

-do small acts of kindness

-be loyal


-say your sorry if you have done something wrong

-set clear expectations

Character Trait for January: PERSEVERANCE: Lola!!



-have control of their life

-high performance

-plan and schedule

-know that winning means rising each time you fall

-are strong in the hard moments

-overcome peer pressure

-know that putting first things first takes discipline

Character Trait for December: CARING: Keisean!!

-helpful towards others

-visualize and plan of what they want out of life and how they want to treat themselves and others

-kind, courteous and respectful towards others

-set reachable goals and never lose sight of these goals

-appreciate other people's differences and see this difference as a great advantage

-speak with their actions not with their words

-take time to help those less fortunate or those who are having a bad day

-remember that before you can change someone else, you must first change yourself

Character Trait November: INTEGRITY: Emily!!

  • -are not easily offended

-take responsibility for their actions

-think before they act

-bounce back when something bad happens

-always find a way to make things happen

-focus on things they CAN do something about, not worry about the things they can't

Character Trait October: OPTIMISM: Talha!!

Students who display optimism...

-have a positive self image

-understand other's points of view and show appreciation for it

-spend their time thinking and doing things to better themselves

-realizing the positive in daily events

-have a balance between school and friendships

Character Trait September: RESPONSIBILITY : Mariam!!

Students who are responsible...

-help others

-show up to class on time and prepared

-manage their time

-own up to making mistakes