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A Fun Summer Adventure with Harris

Book Review

Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen is a very engaging, fun read! The book is basically about a special summer.Harris finds himself living on the isolated Larson farm far from the friendly town he is used to. The one person near his age and his constant companion for the summer is second cousin Harris. Together, they have numerous, fun adventures. I like this book because you never know what Harris is going to do next. When he hooked a washing-machine motor to a bicycle, I laughed my head off. His overalls got torn off him in the crash! In another chapter, Harris pretends he’s Tarzan and jumps out of the hayloft. He lands on a pig and gets attacked by his family’s evil rooster, Ernie. The book is also full of great characters, such as Harris’s

sister, Glennis. Whenever Harris swears - which he does a lot—she smacks him upside the head. This book is a scream and makes you wish you were related to a someone

like Harris! I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. You should read it if you like books with interesting characters and if you like stories that make you laugh out loud.