The Greenhouse is a Classroom and a Laboratory

Our 35 ft x 48 ft greenhouse allows us to produce greens year round to supply our cafeteria and the Belfast coop. In the spring we start thousands of seedlings to supply our garden, those at the elementary schools and to share with the public at our annual seedling sale in May. The greenhouse is a mini ecosystem where we can change variables and observe results. Lessons about the greenhouse effect, precipitation, condensation and evaporation, herbivory, parasitism and symbiosis are all tangible, hands-on realities. The greenhouse is a living laboratory.

In 2019 we began the process of shrinking our climate footprint with the eventual goal of heating our greenhouse with no carbon emissions. Check out the climate battery page to learn more about this project.

Winter swiss chard harvest

Taste testing micro greens in the cafeteria

Ames Elementary Students start seedlings for their own seedling sale each year with help from 7th grade mentors

Tasting spicy mustard greens!