Troy Howard Middle School Garden Project

The Garden Project is an experiential hands-on learning program for students at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast, Maine. As part of their typical school week, students manage a 1/3 acre garden of veggies, flowers and heirloom seed crops. They also run a year round greenhouse to provide fresh greens through the colder months. The garden and greenhouse provide a living laboratory for projects in math, life science, art, social studies and language arts. 

Each year students harvest over 1,500 lbs of produce, most of which they deliver directly to their own cafeteria. They maintain a collection of dozens of rare and culturally important heirloom seeds, some of which are offered each year through our small seed business. Students also put on a seedling sale each spring, and sell greens and seed garlic to the community. Through these mini-businesses and through generous community support, students raise the entire materials budget for the program each year. 

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