Free & Reduced Meal Prices

Attention Parents & Guardians

All online application information given is kept completely confidential. Applications are processed and uploaded electronically into our point of sale system. We want parents/guardians to be comfortable knowing that the information they share is kept secure and confidential. We do not share any information unless you have given us permission to do so. All students receiving free or reduced meal price benefits are treated the same as students not receiving the benefits. Student meal benefit information is also keep confidential as students come through the meal service line.

  • Only one application per household is needed.
  • You must re-apply each school year if you wish to continue receiving meal price benefits.
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Did you know...that if your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch they can also receive a free breakfast everyday?!

School Year 2019/2020 Printable Application

19-20 FR App.pdf

Parent Letter and Application Instructions

19-20 Parent Letter.pdf

If you have questions about filling out an application, feel free to contact the School Nutrition Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get free or reduced price school meals for my child? You must complete the Free and Reduced Price School Meal Application. You must submit a new form each school year. Only one form per household is needed.

· Households getting SNAP, TANF, or benefits from FDPIR. You only have to include your child’s name and case number, and an adult household member must sign the form.

· Households that do not get SNAP, TANF, or benefits from FDPIR. If you do not have a case number, you must include the names of all household members, the amount of income each person got last month and where the income came from. An adult household member must sign the form and include the last four digits of his/her social security number, or indicate that he or she has none.

· Households with a foster child. You only have to include the child’s name and check the box indicating that the child is a Foster Child on the Meal Application, and an adult must sign the form.

Are some families automatically qualified for free meals? Some families will receive a letter from the School Nutrition Office stating that they are directly certified for free school meals based on their eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), or Foster Child status. Families that receive a letter do not need to fill out a free and reduced-price meal application for the student(s) listed on the letter. They will receive free school meals unless you notify us that you do not want to receive these benefits. If there are student(s) in your household that were not listed on the letter, please contact the School Nutrition Office at your earliest convenience.

Will the form be verified? Your eligibility may be checked at any time during the school year. School officials may ask you to send written evidence that shows your child should get free or reduced price school meals. If you do not respond to the verification process you will lose your free or reduced benefits and return to paid status.

Can I appeal the school’s decision? You can talk to school officials if you do not agree with the school’s decision on your form. You also may ask for a fair hearing by calling or writing to:

Larry Malone, RSU #57 Superintendent 86 West Road Waterboro, Maine 04087 (207)247-3221

Will information on my form be kept confidential? We will use the information on your form to decide if your child should get free or reduced price meals. We may inform officials connected with other child nutrition, health and education programs of the information on your form to determine benefits for those programs or for funding and/or evaluation purposes. You have the option to allow us to share your information with other departments within the RSU #57 District such as, but not limited to Technology, Athletics, Administration & Guidance.

Can I apply for free and reduced price meals later? You may apply for free and reduced price meals at any time during the school year. If you are not eligible now but have a change, like a decrease in household income, an increase in household size, become unemployed or get SNAP, TANF or benefits from FDPIR, complete a form then.

How will I know if my family qualifies for free or reduced meals? We will let you know if you are approved or denied for benefits. If you do not receive notification within 2-3 weeks of submitting your application please contact the RSU #57 School Nutrition Office.

Optional Sharing Form

In order for the School Nutrition Department to share free/reduced information with other school officials you must fill out an optional sharing form each school year.

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