e-Learning and Integration

with Mrs. Jeannette

☆ What is Technology Integration?

Technology Integration is the use of technology by and with learners to improve their access to, contextual understanding of, and problem solving in any content area.

"One theme that has emerged from the research to date is that simply adding technology to K-12 environments does not necessarily improve learning. Rather, what matters most is how students and teachers use technology to develop knowledge and skills." Vanessa Vega

☆ How can I help you?

  • Navigation and Use of Online Curriculum and Supplemental Resources (example: EDM, IXL, Khan Academy, Learning A-Z, iRead, Edupuzzle)
  • Seesaw Implementation
  • App and Software Suggestions
  • Google Classroom/ G-Suite Support
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • 3D Print Guidance
  • Teacher Digital Resource and Site Design
  • Mystery Skype
  • Synergy Navigation
  • Any Transformative Technology Use!

☆ What would our Meeting timeline look like?

Honestly, that is kind of up to you! It'd be based on what you might need, so here is an example.

  1. Teacher determines what s/he needs (what is the question or what is your instructional "wish").
  2. Teacher uses the booking link to schedule a session* with Mrs. Jeannette. This will add the appointment to both of our schedules! You can invite others right from your Google Calendar if you'd like to do a group/ PLC session.
  3. I use the meeting form to brainstorm how I can address your question or support your instruction.
  4. We meet and determine the next steps together.


Tech Runs a Youtube Channel!

The RSU57 Tech Integration team posts frequent tech-support videos to their YouTube site so that you can access WHATEVER info you need at WHATEVER time you want?!

Check it out HERE! It includes all the old 2-Minute Tech Tips, as well as support videos for Google Suites, Synergy, and more!

Twitter can build your PLN!

Add @jodi_teacher and we can talk about who in the instructional world you may want to be following, too.

Did you miss the #EdTech 207 Twitter Chat hosted by Mrs. Jeannette earlier this month?

No problem! You can search the hashtag and catch up on the latest discussion, focusing on assistive technology, and learn from fellow professionals from attendees from Maine, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Also, be sure to mark your calendar-- #EdTech207 has a tech based Twitter chat on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm!

*The booker is offline for the moment due to limited availability, but requests are being filled via email as my schedule allows. Reach out and let's work together-- jodijeannette@rsu57.org.

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