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All St. Mary's Foreign Language classes are taught online through the Logra Learning Online system. (Since there are updates from previous years, there is an explanation from the teachers about their new system under the News tab.) Highly certified foreign language teachers are assigned to each section. These teachers have been trained to work with students in an online environment. Students are scheduled into a class period in order to provide regular meeting times to work on course content.

In addition to the online requirements, students will also be provided with a variety of opportunities to enhance their language learning experience, such as extended vocabulary practice and cultural enrichment.

Announcement from an online foreign language teacher:

If you are taking the class to "get it out of the way before college" or to get into college, be aware that colleges are giving proficiency tests. If you can't pass the test, you take more language in college - and pay for it. Iowa has a Seal of Biliteracy now. Meaning, if you take a test your senior year and pass it, you can get a stamp on your diploma that says you are biliterate. (You can read, write, listen and speak 2 languages). It is worth your while to stick with it and learn! When a college sees this, depending on your level, you can get free credit! I have seen students get 12 credits for free (at up to $1500 per credit) and take 2 classes for a minor. Just for learning a language in high school.

All About Mrs. Full

This is my fifth year as the RSM Online Learning Coordinator. I work with the online world language instructors to help the students maintain a consistent pace while working on the world language curriculum. I communicate the regular assignment deadlines and monitor the testing sessions.

In addition to the foreign language courses, my past 38 years of teaching experiences include:

  • 5 yrs. Junior High Language Arts

  • 34 yrs. Technology (teacher, integrationist, professional development, coordinator, troubleshooter)

  • 15 yrs. Journalism/Yearbook

  • 15 yrs. Religion

  • 7 yrs.'s Computer Science curriculum

  • 15 yrs. Competitive Technology Events (Technology Student Association, HyperStream, FIRST Lego League)

Contact Information

Email: fullk@rsmschools.orgTwitter: @kristinefullPhone: 712-786-1433