Third Grade


Welcome to third grade! Third grade is an exciting time as children come upon new adventures in learning. On this website you will find information about upcoming events and things happening in our classroom.


My name is Kathleen Kessenich, and I will be teaching 3rd grade. This is my first year teaching at St. Mary's. We live south of LeMars, and my husband, Joe, farms. My youngest son, Kale, will be an 8th grader at Gehlen Catholic in LeMars. We keep busy with our other six grown children, their activities and families. I'm looking forward to meeting all of my students and getting off to a great start!

Our Classroom

We will be learning so many interesting things this year in 3rd grade. I've been working on making our classroom a special place that is peaceful and beautiful; a place to learn and grow as a community of learners helping each other be the person God created us to be!

I hope students have been able to spend time outside enjoying this beautiful world God created for us. Have you ever just sat and enjoyed a sunrise or sunset? Or have you observed how ants work together and can carry other insects or part of a leaf for their food? It's amazing to see such fascinating beauty in creation. We will be asking a lot of questions in our classroom and then working together to discover the answers. What do you like to look at in nature? Fireflies? Wildlife? The moon rise? What are some things you find interesting? Maybe you like to learn about animals, flags of other countries, maps, art, plants, space, fossils. Be curious and ask questions! That's one way we learn and find out about things around us.

We will spend time working on math, reading, geography, history and spelling. We'll enjoy poems, stories, and reports the third graders write themselves. Students will find the readers theaters we perform to be entertaining as well as educational.


During religion class, we will be using a beautiful program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. The children will receive short presentations on the mass, sacraments, Bible scripture, parables, events in Jesus' life, and geography of the Holy Land. Children will spend time working with materials used in the presentations, giving them time to ponder, pray and meditate on the content. Parents can learn more about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd on the website Scroll down just a little and there's a video that summarizes the program beautifully. The whole video is less than 7 minutes; I hope you will watch the whole thing. You will see some of the materials used and listen to amazing comments from teachers and children.

Want to help?

I've been busy this summer, with the help of a few others, making materials to use in the Good Shepherd program. There are more materials to make, so if any of you are interested in working on things at home for our program that would be very helpful. One project is creating a small raised relief map of Israel for the children to become familiar with the three important cities of Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. The other project is a model of the city of Jerusalem. I have most of the material ready and helpful directions and pictures to use as a guide. Here are a few comments from various adults who helped me this summer: "The materials are SO beautiful!" "Thank you for letting me help with the Lord's work!" "I learned so much about my religion." "I found out things about mass that I never knew."

Any and all help is appreciated! I don't do a lot of crafts, but have been pleasantly surprised at how nicely the stained and painted materials look. Just send me an e-mail if you think you'd like to help or just want more information.

Thank you!

Parents, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work with your children this year. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I hope to provide a rich learning environment, nurturing the mind, body and soul of each child in my classroom.

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