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Welcome to the ANSHS-RSHSXII STEM Program!

The AlSci Advantage

Alabel National Science High School, the Regional Science High School for Region XII, offers a curriculum that geared towards producing graduates who are envisioned to become leaders in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

In the Junior High School program, Science and Mathematics follow an enriched set of competencies. There is also a strong focus on research, that prepares the students for scientific investigations that are relevant to the needs of the community.

The Senior High School program offers the STEM strand of the Academic Track. Completers of our Junior High School program have greater advantage should they decide to take up STEM in the Senior High School.


Are you Qualified?

The criteria to enter the STEM Strand are as follows:

Grade 10 Scholastic Grades

Entrants should have a final grade not lower than 85 in Grade 10 Science and Mathematics subjects

Career Examination Results

Entrants should have a percentile rank of 86 or better in the STEM subtest of the National Career Assessment Examination

Alternative Entry Requirements

Writeup of scientific inquiry process, draft experiment, and other such summative assessments

Application Checklist

  • Senior High School Enrollment Slip
  • Senior High School Preference Slip
  • Senior High School Registration Form (2 Pages)
  • Photocopy of Report Card
  • Photocopy of NCAE Result

Get Listed!

Call (083) 508-2228 for more information on the Early Registration

or visit us at ALABEL NATIONAL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL, Maribulan Alabel, Sarangani Province (Beside Provincial Capitol Complex) and look for Ms. Easter Hope A. Abelarde